Technologies we use:



We carry out projects for individual clients, domestic and foreign companies. A very important aspect of such cooperation is the open and direct contact with the customer – that always corresponds to the project’s intentions, and its direction can be adjusted at any time to the current conditions and investor’s demands. Software support house - we help companies in need of fast talent rental to ongoing projects.

We specialize in:

  • wide-ranging network and mobile solutions
  • desktop applications
  • mobile applications for iOS and Android
  • web presenters for 3D models
  • robust architectural visualizations
  • CRM and CMS systems
  • website and online shops


Using our experience and ongoing operations on foreign and domestic markets, we provide business consulting services for individual clients and companies. We encourage startups to get some proffesional help in easy and understandable way that won’t make You fall asleep after 3 mins:)


  • investment planning
  • financial optimization
  • social media & marketing
  • mvp & product evaluation
  • GDPR and data protection

IT Consulting:

  • technology consulting
  • optimization of software production processes
  • branding and graphic design
  • team building of relevant staff
  • technical verification of the IT candidate
  • marketing and SEO campaigns
  • GDPR and data protection

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city: Lodz street: Łąkowa 7A building D office no. 213B second floor

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+48 665 050 174

Company info:

NICE GUYS SP. Z O.O. UL. ŁĄKOWA 7A LOK.213B BUD.D 90-562 ŁÓDŹ NIP 7252265256 REGON 369721966 KRS 0000721377